Instyle is the lead agency for the reorientation and launch of the Mercedes-AMG brand. We provide comprehensive strategic consultation and deliver holistic conceptual and content development for internationally future-proof brand positioning and brand launch. Communication to markets, development of strategy guidelines and style guides, and corresponding training for internal and external areas of the company form part of this assignment.

Brand Cooperation

We source and define potential cooperation partners for Mercedes-AMG, provide support in the negotiation of contracts, and then deliver comprehensive assistance to these cooperations in content, creative, and quality assurance terms.

Instyle is the lead agency for the development of the AMG teamwear collections and thus supplies the customer with lifestyle and fashion collections, as well as merchandise.
This full-service assignment includes: annual collection planning, design, technical drawings, prototyping, tech packs, branding, production, storage handling, a service hotline, quality assurance, and audits. More information on this can be found on Instyle Fashion&Art.

Teamwear and Lifestyle Collection

Digital Strategy

We support the new Mercedes-AMG digital strategy.
In harmony with the development of the brand strategy, some aspects of the implementation are managed by our specialist departments.

Lifestyle Activations and Events

We plan and manage a wide range of brand activations, customers, and PR events.
Instyle has many years of experience in the area of event and product launches. We are passionate about tailoring events of all kinds and sizes to you and your customers and carrying them out as a customized overall concept.


Lifestyle and brand PR, acquisition and consulting, strategic PR, managing interviews and film recordings, and planning and managing PR events and PR photo shoots are all part of our area of responsibility.

Development of a luxury lifestyle magazine, 63Magazine, for Mercedes-AMG.
Complete responsibility in terms of content, editing, production, distribution, and marketing of an independent luxury lifestyle magazine, including digital extension.

Magazine and Editorial Work

Campaigns and Film

Development and realization of cross-media image and video campaigns in content and creative terms.
The development, planning, staffing, coordination, and completion of fashion, advertising, and image photo productions are an essential component of our portfolio.