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Claudia Schwarz.

Foundress and Owner of INSTYLE Productions

Claudia Schwarz grew up in the Upper Palatinate with agricultural roots in the middle of nature. The family, music, many sports, and lifestyle characterize Claudia Schwarz’s respect for life besides her passion for her work. Her specific expertise in psychology, brand management, mediation and consultation, laid the foundation and the structure for all our companies.

“To me, life means authenticity, empathy, and gratitude. It’s a great chance to learn, to grow and… If that works – the blessing of self-realization. I am very grateful what we have been able to achieve so far. It has not always been easy, but it is definitely worth persevering for.

I don’t just choose the easy path, it’s always only that of the heart. I am fortunate that my team follows this attitude and here that colleagues become real friends.”

What is INSTYLE’s Success in Brand Development and Communication Based on?

On an international team and much trust from our great customers. We need freedom to be good. Our work is based on three pillars that build on each other: strategy, creation, action.

A brand strategy that has been planned in an economically sound manner is the foundation stone for any sustainably successful creative and communication endeavour.

Your Motto is #THINKDIGITAL. What Can one Imagine under it?

Digital acceptance and maximum reach currently form the basis for success. We “think” and design every task digitally in the first instance. After this first step has been carried out — target-group-oriented conception, SEO taken into account, likes and shares evaluated and CGI mapped according to international standards — everything can then be utilised in analogue form afterwards. The digital world moves our everyday life and inspires our actions. We aim to transfer this engagement authentically and tangibly into the brand and experience worlds of our clients.

Photo and Film Production are a Large Part of your Portfolio; How did this Come About?

In 2001, I founded the agency INSTYLE Models, which over the years has developed into an established player in the industry. In addition to international model and artist representation, we also undertake complete productions for our customers. In this process, all our departments support each other and collaborate seamlessly.

“Full service” is a phrase commonly used in our industry, but to really deliver full service is demanding and, in our understanding, only works in a structure that offers in-house art buying. The creative development, coordination and production of promotional and image films are essential parts of our work. We custom-design concepts for online and offline advertising for each of our clients and implement them, paying great attention to detail. The development of print media, campaigns, graphics and advertising material is the responsibility of our graphics and communications departments.

What are the Core Competencies of INSTYLE, and How are they being Implemented?

We tailor our teams to each client’s specific requirements. These consist of communications experts, trend scouts, graphic artists, creatives and designers, as well as an editorial team and IT department.

The print and online campaigns, textile collection management, POS development or guerrilla-marketing ideas are all conceived in the strategy and development departments. They then progress to the creative department and finally to the relevant specialist departments for implementation.

– we love what we do –


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