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As an experienced production agency, INSTYLE Productions is happy to take on the film and photo production for your campaigns, online stores and all other areas where you require fresh, compelling and up-to-date content. Timely delivery, professional processes and personalized support are all integral parts of our service.

Our producers, scriptwriters, directors and camera operators will work coherently from the conception and development of the storyline to the image design, implementation and project coordination of your film production.

With our extensive know-how, in the field of marketing, we mainly specialize in the production of high-quality image films. Using audiovisual techniques, emotive short-films promote the positive image of your brand and strike directly into the heart of your customers! For your campaigns, we will produce creative and innovative advertising films in all desired formats, which you can use online in social media or television and cinema. These targeted commercials will help you promote your products and services or your brand to boost sales or increase consumer trust.

Our range of services in the field of photo production covers the entire planning process from the creative conception, budgeting and cost management to the visualization and mood board generation. Additionally, we also create shooting plans and procedures. We undertake the general organization and location scouting as well as the casting of photographers, models, hair & make-up specialists, stylists, props and extras. Our affiliated model agency, Instyle Models, showcases a portfolio of male and female models. We supervise and conduct photoshoots cost-efficiently on location and internationally.

We offer high-quality photography from still photography to food photography to stylish product photography for online stores and e-commerce sites.

Our photographers work both in the studio and outdoors. We manage all necessary licensing and permits, as well as transport and logistics for you. Furthermore, we also provide worldwide digital operators to take care of all processes up to post-production.

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With us, you will get not only top-quality photo and film productions but also the creation of print products such as product brochures, customer publications and lifestyle magazines.

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